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Juan Sly entered his first art competition aged nine with a subtle study of an arrangement of Lupins. He won third prize. He should have won first prize but the entry was so good it was obvious, to the judges, that he had had parental help: which was ironic, because he was an orphan, and nobody gave a shit.

Juan Sly had a tough upbringing on the tough side of Tough Town. He had to fight for everything he didn't have. After boxing he did art; after football he did physics; after dark he did many things like opening locked doors especially ones on safes; but he only stole off those who deserved it. He was well known to the police but never convicted and had proved useful to them on several occasions.

But now a new life in the light beckoned. It seemed as if a guiding hand was at work for him, one that could open doors even better than he could. He got a precious place at university studying physics and then on to a prestigious research position at Cern. He had everything, now, but a past.

He had left the dark world he had inhabited for 22 years behind.

But had it left him…?

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