Juan Sly is Pop Art artist doing his stuff in mainly spray stencils and oils.

Sly likes to take images from popular culture of today and yesterday and create a new concept that says something to the audience of today. Sometimes serious sometimes fun or both: he has lived a weird life which explains a lot!

He has exhibited at the Saatchi (a proper gallery with pillars and everything!) alongside the likes of Banksy, Terry O'Neil, Tracy Emin and Vic Reeves and now has a permanent collections at the Cut-Up in Germany and Outside the Square opposite the Tate alongside Damian Hirst and some other artists you might of heard of plus other galleries around the globe. His works rock from humour to anti-war, sex to surreal.

He is particularly fond of the stencil medium atm, as it allows him to quickly respond to events and gives the work that gritty, illegal look. The stencils naturally allow the works to be resprayed and so become affordable and disposable. And in doing so he is striving to make art inclusive and embracing to those who find the art gallery and its culture of superiority and exclusion too much to bear. As a consequence they, and the rest of the "Art Police" tend to give him a lot of culture shit. So Sly exhibits, with a few exceptions, on the internet; and so allow the art galleries to continue to exhibit overpriced expensive bollocks, to people who want something to match their curtains….and…breath…

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Quickie Portait by Ron Holmes.